Types of Roamer

Roamer is a modular system that allows you to create different types of educational robots to meet different needs.

Standard Roamers

Roamer Keypad Modules from Dave Catlin on Vimeo.This video explains how Roamer Keypad Modules and Keypad Graphics work.

Activity Roamers

You can create keypads to suit specific activities. We called these Activity Roamers.

Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider Activity Roamer

Robot Rally Race Roamer


Activity Roamer Incy Wincy Keypad

Activity Roamer Robot Rally Race Module

Turtle Roamers

The Turtle was the first educational robot. You program it on the computer using a version of Logo software. Roamer is a Turtle-like robot, but you can make it behave like a Turtle.  This enables you to use all the old Logo Turtle activities – they’re just as valuable today!

“Roamer’s Grandmother” The Valiant Turtle

A Valiant Turtle Drawing Programmed by Roamer



Valiant designed their first educational robot, the Valiant Turtle in 1983.

Special Needs Roamer

Special Educational Needs (SEN) inspired the latest Roamer design.  Both the Turtle and the Classic Roamer contributed to SEN, however, in some cases students found it hard to interact with the robot.

AcceleGlove Controlling CosmoBot. from Dave Catlin on Vimeo.

CosmoBot is a 3D printed design mounted on Roamer. The glove enables the user’s hand gestures move the robot.  Unfortunately, funding on this project ran out.  Please contact Valiant if you have an interest in this area and we can explore the ideas.

Robotics Roamer

You can expand Roamer’s capabilities to work with devices like Raspberry Pie, Arduino and MicroBit.  Please contact Valiant if you have an interest in this area and we can explore the ideas.