Primary Roamer Sounds

Basic Sounds Features of Primary Roamer

This topic introduces you to Primary Roamer’s sound abilities and shows you how to program music.

Introducing Roamer Sound


You will learn Primary Roamer has three basic sound features: Music, Prompt and Help.

Roamer’s Sound Capability

The table shows you can how you can use sound with Roamer.

Music You can program Roamer to play 14 notes (including a silent note) at 8 durations. You can do this at 5 different tempos and 3 octaves.
Prompt File Tells you the status of Roamer.
Help File Tells you how to program Roamer when you’ve made a programming mistake.

Roamer Music

basic music from Dave Catlin on Vimeo.

Programming Music


You’ll learn how to make Roamer play music.

Music Instruction Number [1 to 8] Number [1 to 14] The first number is the note value.
The second number is the pitch: 14 is a silent note.

Example Play a short note at a low pitch. Play a silent note at for a medium duration. 8 Play a long pitch at a high pitch. Roamer plays a low pitch note quickly, remains silent for a medium duration and finishes with a long high-pitched note.


11 414 813 GO or d11 d414 d813


Changing Tempo and Octaves

Advanced Roamer Sounds

Creating Roamer Sound Procedures

Standard Speech Procedures