Primary Roamer Outputs

Adding Outputs to Your Roamer

This section introduces you to Roamer’s control features.  It explains how you program outputs and use them to make motors, lamps and other gadgets work.


The doorbell is a simple control gadget: when you press the button, the doorbell rings.



In control thinking the doorbell responds to inputs (pressing the button) by producing an output (ringing a bell).

What is an Output

In Roamer Control we’re interested in any gadget which responds to Output Instructions.


Connecting Outputs

Your Roamer robot comes with an input port for sensors and an output port for gadgets.  The triangular marks remind you which is which.

Programming Outputs


You will learn how to program Roamer output instruction.

Output Instruction Turn Output On. GO Backward 1. 9 Turn Right 90. Turn Output Off. Go Forward 1. The LED turns on, Roamer goes backward 1, then turns right 90 and turns the LED off.  It finishes by going forward 1.  Everything Roamer does between Output on and Output Off, Roamer does with the LED on.

Output Default

When you switch Roamer on, or start running a GO Program the Output is Off.

Handwritten Programs

Op ON  BK 1  RT 90 Op OFF  FD 1