Overview of Infant K1 Roamer

The Basic Features of Infant K1 Roamer

This topic names each key used by the Infant K1 Roamer.  It introduces their purpose and compares the robot’s features with the other Standard Roamers.

Infant K1 Roamer Keypad and Keys



Programming Reference Guide

Program Group

Function Example Code Parameter
GO http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/GO.png Run Roamer’s GO Program.
STOP http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/STOP.png Stop a GO Program running.
Clear Memory http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/CM-1.png Clear the last instruction.
Clear Entry CE Clear all the GO Program Memory.

Move and Turn Group

Function Example Code Parameter
Forward http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/FD.png Number 1 to 100
Backward BK Number 1 to 100
Left LT Number 1 to 999
Right RT Number 1 to 999
Wait W Number 1 to 100

Change Group

Function Example Code Parameter
Creep Speed http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/SP.png 5 cm/sec
Walk Speed http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/05/Walk.png 25 cm/sec (Default)
Run Speed http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/05/Run.png 50 cm/sec
Whisper Sound Volume http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/05/Whisper.png 10% Full Volume
Talk Sound Volume http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/VOL.png 50% Full Volume (Default)
Shout Sound Volume http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/05/Shout.png 100% Full Volume

Control Group

Function Example Code Parameter
Music http://using.roamer-educational-robot.com/files/2017/02/MUSIC.png Number 1 to 8 (Duration) 1 to 14 (Pitch).

Standard Roamer Comparison

The table lets you compare the programming features of each Standard Roamer. All Roamers can, for example, use sensors. So could make Early Years Roamer into a car, whose headlights turned on if the students programmed it to go into a dark place. The students wouldn’t program the sensors but could enjoy finding out the shady parts of the classroom.

Function Early Years Infant K1 Primary Junior Notes on Differences
Forward Yes Yes Yes Yes The Early Years Roamer uses a counting paradigm to Move, Turn and Wait. The other Roamers use numbers to tell the Roamer how far to Move, Turn or Wait.
Backward Yes Yes Yes Yes
Left Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wait Yes Yes Yes Yes
GO Yes Yes Yes Yes All Standard Roamers have these features in the same way.
STOP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clear Memory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clear Entry No Yes Yes Yes
Early Years Roamer does not have this command, but it is the same for all other Roamers.
Repeat No Yes Yes Yes
Open Bracket No Yes Yes Yes
Closed Bracket No Yes Yes Yes
Procedure No No Yes Yes Primary Roamer introduces a limited version of Procedures. The Junior Roamer uses the complete command.
Change Units of Move and Turn No No Yes Yes
Change Tempo and Octave No No Yes Yes
Control Volume No Yes Yes Yes You can set the Volume and Speed of the Infant K1 Roamer to 3 different settings. You can set the Primary and Junior Roamer to 10.
Control Speed No Yes Yes Yes
Drive Mode No No Yes Yes
Outputs No No Yes Yes
Inputs No No Yes Yes
On No No Yes Yes
Off No No Yes Yes
Servo Motor No No No Yes
Skip No No No Yes You use these commands within Sense Procedures.
STOP No No No Yes