Tips on How to Make Pathways for Roamer to Travel

Roamer moves and turns as it travels along its journeys.  You’ll find creating pathways becomes a frequent task.  This course shows you some simple ways of doing this.

Using Ropes and Cords to Make Curved Pathways

Excellent for pathways that need curves.  A washing line is an excellent choice, but any rope or cord will do.  If you buy some cord try searching for ‘clothesline’ and look for the lines without steel cores.

  1. Use one line and shape it into a suitable pathway.
  2. Tape the line down at suitable places.
  3. Decide how wide you want the pathway.
    1. It’s easier for Roamer to navigate wide courses.
  4. Using junk cardboard, cut several strips of card to the width of the track.
  5. Place these in different parts of the pathway.
  6. Use the strips to guide where you place the new pathway side.
  7. Tape down the new side.