How to programme Repeat patterns.

How to Program Repeats

Lists and Programs

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The Power of Patterns

People often refer to mathematics as the science of patterns.  It’s about relationships between different objects. They’re not random connections: their repetitive ideas which make mathematics an ideal tool to describe them.

The programming language Logo lies at the heart of Roamer.  And Logo is a mathematical tool with two pattern based commands: Repeats and Procedures.  Originally, Logo and Turtle robots focused on drawing geometric patterns, but Roamer makes this more general.  You use the robot to study patterns of events in a story, or a sequence of notes in a melody –  any combination of actions and events.  And when students play and explore with these instructions they develop the basis of powerful mathematical and scientific skills. Experts in buying stocks and shares recognition of patterns enable them to automate stock market trading.  By  contrast, most of us follow a pattern getting out of bed and preparing for the day ahead.

The Repeat Instruction

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Nesting Repeats

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