Make Changes to Roamer Parameters

We’ll explain Roamer parameters and how you use them.


What's a Roamer Parameter?


About Changes

You can change the values in three ways:

  1. Change the default values through RoamerWorld
  2. Use the change commands.
  3. An activity includes specific default values.

If you change the default values you make a semi-permanent change to your robot (you can always change them again).  For example, the Standard Infant K1 Roamer has a one degree default unit-of-turn.  Some teachers want to use quarter turns as the default so they can change the default and get the robot that meets their needs.

Some activities need a different defaults and some want students to program changes as part of their task.


List of Parameters in Standard Roamers

Early Years Infant K1 Primary Junior
Movement No No Yes Yes
Turn No No Yes Yes
Speed No Yes Yes Yes
Music No No Yes Yes
Sound Level No Yes Yes Yes
Drive Mode No No Yes Yes

Changing Units of Movement

You’ll learn how to change the units-of-movement.  This applies to both forward and backward motion of the robot.  Sometimes, we call this the scale command – a general term shared with changing the units-of-turn.  But, we often make it specific by saying, “Scale the movement”.

Default Unit

By default, the Roamer moves forwards and backwards in units of 20cm, which is same as Roamer’s body length.  Children use Roamer as a yardstick when thinking how far they must make their robot travel.

Change the Unit Number [1 to 100] Change the movement units (forward and backward) to Number of cm.

Is the Change Permanent?

Once you’ve made the change all the following forward and backward instructions will use that unit-of-movement, untill you run another change and run command.

What Happens if I Turn Roamer Off and On?

It’s a fresh start. The program will start reusing the 20cm default unit, till you run a new change command. Then it’ll use the new unit until you run a new scale command or you switch the robot off and on again.

Example  Move forward 1 default unit (20cm – a body length). Change the movement unit to 5cm.  Move backward 1 unit (now 5cm). Roamer moves forward 20cm, changes the move unit to 5cm and moves back 5cm.  Roamer moves forward 1 unit (5cm) then back 1 unit (5cm). Roamer remembers the program, but not the unit settings.  It moves forward 1 unit (20cm), changes the move unit to 5cm and moves back 1 unit (5cm).

Handwritten Instructions


Important Notes


Changing Units of Turn

List of Parameters in Standard Roamers


Change the Roamer Speed

Change the Music Tempo and Octave

Change the Sound Level

Change the Drive Mode