Implementing AfL in Schools


A Change of Culture and Effort

It takes effort to set up AfL in school.  This BBC two part documentary records Dylan Wiliam doing just that.

In this two-part series, theory and practice meet head on as education expert Professor Dylan Wiliam sets up an experimental school classroom. For one term, he takes over a Year 8 class at a secondary comprehensive to test simple ideas that he believes will improve the quality of our children’s education.  What’s needed is a change of culture and we’ll see how both teachers and students react before reaping the benefits of AfL methods.

Some of the high ability students don’t respond well to the new rule of No Hands Up in class and Wiliam worries they’re at risk of falling behind.  There’s a classroom revolt when the teachers replaces grades student work with comments on how they can improve what they’re doing.  They’re left confused and angry about the changes.

You might wonder what’s going on – but persevere with Part 2.  By the end of term, you’ll see a changed culture and the students’ academic achievement.