Words Used with Educational Robots

This glossary explains terms used throughout Roamer’s websites.  You can explore the dictionary or discover the terms highlighted in the text.  Put your mouse on the words and the definition will pop up. Make sure you’ve enabled popups on your computer.

  • Ted Wragg

    Ted Wragg was a British educationalist and academic known for his advocacy of the cause of education and opposition to political interference in the field. He was Professor of Education at the University of Exeter from 1978 to 2003, serving as Emeritus Professor of Education from 2003 till his death, and a regular columnist in the Times Educational Supplement and The Guardian.  More...
  • Turtle

    A Turtle is an educational robot originally created as part of the Logo programming language.  Originally the Turtle was a physical robot controlled using Turtle Graphics (a part of the Logo language).  With advances in screen graphics, a virtual Turtle became prevalent.  Originally, the Turtle and a Sprite were different.  LogoWriter and RoamerWorld blurred the distinction by allowing programmers to change the shape of the virtual Turtle.  We keep the distinction.