Words Used with Educational Robots

This glossary explains terms used throughout Roamer’s websites.  You can explore the dictionary or discover the terms highlighted in the text.  Put your mouse on the words and the definition will pop up. Make sure you’ve enabled popups on your computer.

  • sbx

    An sbx is a file format used by ScratchX projects.  If you save a Roamer ScratchX project which may contain backgrounds, sprites and scripts it will be saved as an sbx file.  If you make it available to other users they can develop their projects by remixing your work.
  • Scaffold

    In education, a scaffold is the support we give to a student to help them solve hard problems.  As a student progresses we remove the scaffolding and eventually the student can solve the full problem without difficulty.  When we teach children to swim we don’t simply throw them into the deep-end of the pool and let them get on with it.  We provide them flotation aids and spend time in the water with them, helping as needed.  We gradually remove the support.  Scaffolding is the same idea applied to intellectual efforts.  Many Roamer tasks adopt this principle.

  • Scratch

    A free visual programming software package produced by MIT.

  • ScratchX

    ScratchX or Scratch Extensions - extend Scratch and allow the software to link to external devices like Roamer.  See Roamer ScratchX.
  • Script

    A script is a program written in a scripting language. Scratch, ScratchX and Roamer programs are examples of scripting languages and their programs are examples of scripts.
  • Scripting Language

    A scripting language is a programming language environment that interprets and carries out each command one-at-a-time. You'll find scripting languages easier to learn and faster to code in than compiled languages.
  • Sprite

    In computer graphics, a sprite is an image which the program animates.  Early Logo software had both sprites and Turtles. In RoamerWorld we distinguish between sprites and Turtles.  A sprite exist on the computer screen and a Turtle is both a physical and screen robot.
  • Sprite

    A Sprite (computer) is a screen based animation.  In Logo Sprites and Turtles were different.  You program a Sprite to change shape.  Originally Turtles stayed the same.  LogoWriter and RoamerWorld allowed you to program changes to virtual Turtles.   Virtual Turtles have a robot counterpart like Roamer.  Sprites do not.
  • Standard Roamers

    Standard Roamers are the basic robots with a choice of 4 age related keypads.  See "Types of Roamer".
  • Success Criteria

    Most Roamer tasks don’t have simple right and wrong answers.  So how do students know they’ve achieved success?  Getting them to clarify what they want to achieve is another part of “Assessment for Learning” method.

    See Success Criteria