Words Used with Educational Robots

This glossary explains terms used throughout Roamer’s websites.  You can explore the dictionary or discover the terms highlighted in the text.  Put your mouse on the words and the definition will pop up. Make sure you’ve enabled popups on your computer.

  • Effective Questioning

    Asking questions is a key teaching skill which helps you get the most out of Roamer.  Effective questioning is a set of methods which will improve your skill. See Effective Questioning
  • Execute

    in computer and software engineering is the process by which a computer or a virtual machine performs the instructions of a computer program. The instructions in the program trigger sequences of simple actions on the executing machine.
  • Execute

    To carry out - to do - an instruction or a program.  If we execute the Roamer program Forward 3 Right 90 by pressing GO the robot will move forward 3 and turn right 90.  It means the same as "run" a program.