Words Used with Educational Robots

This glossary explains terms used throughout Roamer’s websites.  You can explore the dictionary or discover the terms highlighted in the text.  Put your mouse on the words and the definition will pop up. Make sure you’ve enabled popups on your computer.

  • Command

    Another word for an instruction that a Roamer or a computer can understand.  An example of a Roamer command is Forward 3.
  • Compiled Language

    A compiled language is a programming language which turns the code into machine code before running the program.  See interpretated languages and scripting languages.
  • Control

    Control is a general term which applies to the design of automated machinery.  The video shows a few examples of control engineering in action.  A robot is one example of control technology.  A key part of control is the need to use inputs to sense what’s going on and outputs to do something.  For example a burglar alarm will sense an intruder and respond by making a loud noise.

    The Power of Computers from Dave Catlin on Vimeo.