Words Used with Educational Robots

This glossary explains terms used throughout Roamer’s websites.  You can explore the dictionary or discover the terms highlighted in the text.  Put your mouse on the words and the definition will pop up. Make sure you’ve enabled popups on your computer.

  • API

    An “Application-Programming Interface” (API) is a piece of code that helps pieces of software work together.  Any software or technology like a mobile phone wanting to talk with Roamer will use the robot’s API.
  • Argument

    You will find the terms parameter, argument and variable often used in computing, mathematics and science. Their exact meaning depends on the context. Computer scientists use "parameter" to mean something you can add or alter within a command. Number [1 to 100] We call Number [1 to 100] a parameter. 6 We call the 6 an argument.

    We use the word variable as a general term. The Roamer Music command has two variables: the duration of the note and the pitch. Number to 8 is the duration parameter and Number 1 to 14 is the pitch parameter. In Music 4 11: 4 and 11 are arguments.

  • Argument

    In computer science (and mathematics) an argument (also known as a parameter) is the data entered into an instruction. 5 In this Roamer instruction 5 is the argument.
  • Assessment for Learning

    Assessment for Learning (AfL) is a continuous formative assessment approach to teaching and learning.  It helps you engage your students and make sure they get the most out of your lesson.  AfL gives you tools which help you and your student improve their understanding  and learning.  It's the best way of using Roamer.