What is Roamer?

  • Published May 29, 2015
  • By Waqar Rehman
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Roamer the Educational Robot

Roamer is an educational robot aimed at helping teach Pre-School to Year 12 (PK-12). It achieves this flexibility because it is a modular system that you can put together in different ways to suit your specific needs. With 30 years of experience of designing robots for schools the Roamer has been designed:

  1. Specifically for schools, classrooms and education
  2. To be robust and survive the normal wear and tear of regular use
  3. To integrate and work with the type of resources normally found in schools
  4. As a “future-proof” platform that can adapt and work with new technologies

Learning with Roamer

Roamer can support Early Years to High School teachers across most subjects. Its flexibility makes it useful in formal and informal learning; it works with gifted, remedial or special education.

Roamer in the Classroom

Roamer has been designed for the classroom. Where possible we have integrated it to utilise the typical resources of a school. We do support it with a number of accessories which extend its capability. But how do you use it so that everyone is an active learner and gains a valuable learning experience? What space do you need to run Roamer activities?  Roamer’s flexibility provides you lots of options to ensure students enjoy the excitement of learning.

Boy Meets Roamer

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