Roamer Support

  • Published May 29, 2015
  • By Waqar Rehman

Roamer Activity Library

For more than 30 years we have worked with teachers all over the world pioneering the practical use of educational robots. Activities connect the technology and the student to valuable learning experiences. In partnership with teachers we have produced a range of practical classroom packs and the Roamer Activity Library full of free materials.
Roamer Robot Rally Rave

Roamer Training

You can start using Roamer at a simple, intuitive level.  But the more you learn about it, the more you realise its great potential as an educational tool.  You could follow a crash course and systematically learn all there is to know about the product and its use.  Alternatively, you can approach training as a natural process, where your skill gradually increases with its practical use in the classroom.  The free online training site supports a range of different approaches.

Roamer Research

Roamer’s only purpose is education of children. Its design was developed based on practical experience supported by a diversity of educational, teaching, psychological and scientific research.  Valiant has pioneered educational robotics since the early 80s and Dave Catlin, Roamer’s designer is a leading member of an International educational robotic research group.   Research is built into each Roamer Activity and summarised in the Roamer Research Blog and the Roamer MESHGuide.


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