About Assessment


What is Assessment?

Our prime concern is making sure you get the most out of Roamer.  We believe Assessment for Learning (AfL) gives you the best chance of doing this.  Here we’ll briefly look at assessment so you can see where AfL fits in.

Types of Assessment

Education deals with two forms of assessment:

  1. Assessment of Learning – what have students learnt?
  2. Assessment for Learning – what do we need to do to help students progress?
Different sorts of assessment and its purpose.
 Assessment of Learning      Evaluate  Monitoring National Standards.
Making teachers, administrators and politicians accountable.
 Summative  Sorting and classify students for universities and employers.
Helping students decide what to study.
Giving students and their parents progress and achievement reports.
 Assessment for Learning   Diagnostic  Helping students by finding out their difficulties.
Formative Finding out what students grasp or misunderstand so you know how to help them.


Formative Assessment